Steven Pilgrim (Llap Ltd) has been developing computer software for around 20+ years and has been a member of the Lancia Motor Club since 2004. The requirement within the Lancia Motor Club to develop an Online database led Steve to evaluate the means to do this and then develop a full relational model to support current and future needs.

The initial proof of concept became a full system that catered for the needs of the Lancia Motor Club and, thanks to the flexible design, the needs of any car club or vehicle related hobby. The data model was designed from the outset to be able to store any attribute that was required - whatever era the vehicle came from and to be able to link in with other internet technologies. The system is driven by a car owner who wanted to know more about his car but found the information wasn't recorded in a central repository - the result is MCR.

The MCR database isn't hard to set up and start using. The real time and effort would go into capturing the model information - but this isn't a requirement to get things going. A simple list of vehicles types is enough with the attributes following later - probably in the Winter when cars aren't being driven as much.

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