Feature List
  • The database is hosted in a managed environment
  • Each member has a login with a password
  • Members can update their own details and vehicles
  • Members can upload photos of vehicles which are tagged and searchable
  • Members are able to restrict details viewable by other members eg: phone, address or certain vehicles
  • Simple search facilities for members or vehicles
  • Members can belong to groups defined in the system eg: Northern, Southern, Scottish
  • Groups are defined by the club, access is either by any member or under the control of the secretary
  • Access to update the central Model database is restricted to technical advisors within the club
  • Secretary role has ability to amend any details
  • Online creation of new members or removal of old members
  • Password details sent via email directly to member
  • Facility to export data to other system in XML or CSV format
  • Owners can enter previously owned vehicles
  • Attributes can be Numbers, Dates, Codes or Free Text or a mixture of Codes and Text
  • Models are arranged in a hierarchy
  • Attributes assigned into the hierarchy cascade down
  • No limit on attributes per model
  • Vehicles inherit the attributes of the model
  • Vehicles can override the value held for the model e.g.: change colour, change tyres, change engine
  • Attributes can also include reference codes eg: engine type, paint colour
  • Attributes can be fixed for the model e.g.: the designer or factory built
  • New attributes can be created and assigned at any time
  • Models and Attribute data can only be updated by members with the technical knowledge
  • Owners can only change the attributes on their vehicles
Answers to the Questions
  • Who owns are car like mine?
  • Who lives near me?
  • What are the original features of my vehicle?
  • How many cars are in the club?
  • Average age of the members?
  • Attendance at events by members and by vehicles?
  • What condition are the vehicles?
  • What is the history of my vehicle?
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